Dr Ward's Amazing Case on the radio


I’ve always loved radio and my tastes are tragically rigid; the dial never moves from ABC RN. I adore recording studios, all that wood, the knobs and dials and that strange acoustic. I love the idea of stories and music beaming out into the world into the ears of people driving, gardening, washing the dishes … doing whatever.

So I was pretty thrilled when Sarah L’Estrange from ABC RN approached me and Sarah about being part of an audio documentary on the history of the Wardian case. Like YES!

Despite being overdressed (the studio thermostat is set at ‘equatorial’) and over excited, we managed to record ‘The Amazing Case of Dr Ward’ in its integrated state and then Sarah recorded all the musical stings and then I recorded the story without music. In this way the editor could cut and paste the bits and pieces to their heart’s content.

‘The Wardian Case - The box that changed the world’ is now live. Our telling is only part of the doco. You will hear more stories about plant transportation through the voices of Luke Keogh - Historian, Stuart McCook - Professor of History, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada, Mark Nesbitt - Economic botanist, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Tansy Curtin - Curator, Bendigo Art Gallery, Debra Tyler - President, Waroona Historical Society, WA, Kulkarni Choolburra and Christopher Jakobi - Indigenous guides at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. ENJOY!

Jackie Kerin