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I’m a storyteller.

I practice the traditional art of spoken story.

This ancient art predates the book. It could be said that the tradition of storytelling is connected to the book like blossom to fruit.

I use the techniques employed by traditional storytellers for centuries: rhyme, rhythm, and cumulative patterns that invite interaction and repetition.

I’m a perpetual student of the oral tradition, a lover of festivals and conferences and other shared spaces, local and international.



Kamishibai (paper theatre) storytelling originated in Japan and was very popular between the 1920s – 50s. The storytellers attached small stages to their bicycles and delivered their tales in the open air.

Kamishibai as a form of visual storytelling, is connected to comic books and animation.

In recent times Kamishibai has ignited the imaginations of storytellers and artists around the world.

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