The Flock OZ …

… is not a project of my own dreaming however, its one I choose to support whole heartedly. By adding my voice and energy to The Flock I hope to educate and raise awareness for the plight of migratory and resident shore birds. I live in Hobsons Bay Victoria, a place that includes a stretch of tidal mudflats that many beautiful birds rely for their continued survival.

The creation of the Hobsons Bay Flock OZ began with a visit to the local Men’s Shed. After explaining the concept, the men set about making us the first batch of wooden birds for our inaugural event: World Wetlands Day 2019. This video explains the story better than words.

Since its creation the Hobsons Bay Flock OZ has been popping up up here there and everywhere. Sometimes as an installation only but other times we are able to offer painting and drawing activities.

So far, the Men’s Shed has made us 250 birds. In coming months we will be popping up at:

You can follow The Hobsons Bay Flock OZ adventures on my blog.

Help us spread the word

We hope our flock will ‘fly’ to different events around Hobsons Bay and beyond.

If you would like The Hobsons Bay Flock OZ at your event please contact me via my contact page and hopefully we can make it happen. If you would like wooden birds to paint as an activity, you need to give us and the Men’s Shed time to organise.

Cost: The cost is variable depending on how much recyclable timber the men have at the shed and how much they have to purchase. We may ask for a small donation to top up paints or other activity materials and travel.

  • For hi res photos, please visit the galleries under ABOUT

Hobsons Bay Flock OZ acknowledges the Miranda Shorebird Centre in New Zealand, the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, the Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed and all the people who have helped paint the birds.

You can learn more about the various Flocks at The Flock OZ on Facebook. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to start a Flock in your community.

 The story behind the first Flock

The Flock began in New Zealand at the Pūkorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre. The idea was to help spread the message about the threats facing migratory shore birds. With the Centre’s support, the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board brought The Flock to Australia.

There is a Flock in South Australia, and Western Australia (Roebuck Bay) and we now have a Flock in Hobsons Bay.

So proud of this.

So proud of this.

Images: See photos for hi-res