Stone the Crows Festival - Wagga Wagga


This is the second time Sarah and I have been guests at this festival. When we were invited again, we didn't give it a thought - just 'yes'. The memory of this extraordinary event has stayed with us.

Stone the Crows is a gathering of mobile homes and caravans, a festival for the grey nomads. Rigs descend onto the site from the four corners of the continent. Participants enjoy workshops, entertainment and they catch up with each other over meals and games.

We took our two shows: The Amazing Case of Dr Ward and Tales from the Flyway and Sarah delivered two workshops: Learning the Violin and Using Libraries on the Road.


And over four nights we told bedtime stories at the Cocoa Club.


I also had the pleasure of participating in the radio play: We Were There: the story of Galliopli. This is a piece written by Jim Haynes using only the words of people who were actually there, taken from diaries and letters; deeply moving and heart breaking.


The warmth, hospitality and good natured vibe of Stone the Crows is the work of Chrissy Eustace, Jim Haynes and Grant Luhrs and the team they assemble. What bowls us over is meeting so many people who are so switched on and engaged in life; while some of us grow less adventurous with age it seems that there are others who grow wings.


And some never lose their taste for ice cream!

Jackie Kerin